Located in Shorewood, MN, overlooking Mary Lake, The Elsbernd Voice Studio offers singing technique and musical instruction to singers age 15 - adult. 

As an accomplished professional solo vocalist, masterclass instructor, contest adjudicator and choral director, Jerry Elsbernd draws on a wealth of experiences and perspectives to aid his students in the development and growth of their voices.  Jerry's in-depth knowledge of the anatomy involved in singing, combined with his innate musicality and interpretive skills as a performer provide a unique holistic approach to the development of his students' own performance skills.

Jerry helps EVS Class of 2012 soprano, Maggie Weiss, with alignment and jaw release.

Whether you (or your 15+ yr child) are a beginning singer with little or no previous vocal training or an accomplished vocalist, all students benefit from individual attention to their own unique physiques, techniques and performance styles.  This is accomplished in a fun and encouraging private studio environment.


Jerry is an active member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS)

on the national and state levels.  He is also the recipient of a grant for vocal research

from MN-NATS and presented his findings at the NATS National Conference in 2012.